Hi, I’m Kirill Che. - I’m a freelancer and self-taught programmer. I’m making projects as software architect and consulting projects about technical decisions. Also, I’m active open source contributor and EO adopter.

Short professional history

2013: I started as Android developer in Mercury development. I learned Java and Android by real tasks. A bit later I switched to web development in same company. We created web apps with Java using Spring, Hibernate and other enterprise tools.

2015: Working in Eventicious. We started new product from scratch. It was cross platform mobile app for iOS and Android created with Xamarin. We were early adopters of new technology. Later it was split into two separate projects for each platform, where I joined Android team.

2017: I created a blog and started contributing to open source. I joined Zerocracy as a developer and co-founder.

2018: I quit full-time job and started working with customers directly. Then I took few projects in Zerocracy as software architect and find teams to implement them.

Now: I got through many projects and various tech stacks. I learned a lot from different communities, and met domain experts in tech areas. I’m making new projects with coldness of head, paying attention to customer requirements, not to temporal tech hype. I’m using fresh technologies if they pay its way, or old stable technologies when predictability is more important. I’m consulting projects and teams, helping them to improve architecture, development process or build/release pipeline.