Hi, my name is Kirill.

I’m a professional software architect and developer. As architect I designed distributed systems from stratch, microservice architecture with Kubernetes, web applications and components for existing infrastructure, web crawlers, data processors on Apache Hadoop, cloud infrastructure and services, search systems, high performing scalable services with limited resources, mobile applications, REST APIs, web back-ends and CLI applications.

As developer I write on Java since 2013, it’s my primary language, I’m using it for big projects, where code maintainability is required and big team is involved into develoment. I know Golang and use it since 2016. I’m using it for fast network services, and to create cross-platform binaries for distribution. Also, I have some experience with Python, Rust, C, ASM, Javascript.

I’m interested in open source software, distributed systems, network applications, P2P systems, cloud applications, tools for developers.

More verbose version could be downloaded as CV PDF.


My career started in 2012. My friend asked me would I like to create an accounting application for his book store? I didn’t make any software before, the only experience I had was bash and Python scripts for my Linux. But I agree, and answered that I’d like to try. I read a book about C# language in the first month, and started to create it. It was desktop application for Windows. It’s interesting that it was my first and the last desktop Windows app. Programming taken an instant liking for me, I learned how to use database, how to store the data, and many other interesting things. I still can’t believe that without having any experience with programming language, databases, frameworks and development in general, I created application successfully, and it was used for about 3 years then. Of course there were a lot of bugs, and sometimes it’s hard to fix. I understood that this study was in my line, so I decided to learn more about it and join some software company.

So in January 2013 I joined Mercury development as developer, it’s outsourcing company with many clients, I worked on different projects there, from mobile applications to web services, search engines and embedded storage solutions. It was really a good start, where I learned a lot of things about software development.

In the end of 2015 I joined Eventicious — startup which creates mobile applications for conferences and other events. First time we’re using Xamarin for creating mobile application for iOS and Android, then we decided to split the team and develop different versions of application for each platform, I joined Android team.

In January 2018 I quit full time job, I wanted to try myself as a freelancer. During this period, I joined few remote teams as developer, I found customers and worked with them directly, I organized a few teams of freelancers to work on different projects, and I joined startups as a co-founder but these startups were not really successfull.

January 2020 I was invited to join Huawei system programming research-and-development labarotory in Moscow, our goal here is to create some breakthrough, whatever that means. Here we’re testing new ideas, and switch project quite frequently, each project looks like a startup sponsored by this labarotory.